East Region Project Discovery (1994-1996)


East Region Project Discovery was a fifteen county region located

in Northeast Ohio. It was one of eight regions formed by a NSF

Grant of $20 million dollars to improve the teaching of Mathematics

and Science in the State of Ohio. It was funded for five years jointly

by the State of Ohio and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

As Director of East Region Project Discovery, it was my responsibility

to hire and maintain three core teams of instructors from Mathematics,

Physical Science, and Life Science. The teams were made up of a

college professor and two high school teachers with the necessary

backgrounds and experience to learn the "Inquiry" method of teaching.

Myself and all team members were accountability to an East Region

Board of Directors. My day to day responsibilities were to maintain

a sizable budget for the academic yearly operation as well as a extremely

large summer institute operation by each team throughout East Region.

I was also called upon to understand and articulate the "Inquiry"

method of teaching by collaborating with State, Regional, County, and

City School Systems. Not only was I called upon to present the vision

of Project Discovery but often called upon to facilitate a initial workshop

to promote "Inquiry" techniques and strategies of teaching and learning.


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