Professional Activities


Course Technology Regional Forums and National Conferences (Presentation 2003)

Educational Computer Consortium of Ohio Conferences

SchoolNet Statewide Training and Conferences (Presentations 2002, 2003)

SchoolNet Trainer for License Certificates from The State of Ohio

Technological Advisory Committee for Malone College

Faculty Representative: The State of Ohio Praxis Evaluations in Columbia County

North Central Ohio Curriculum Evaluation Team
Valley Forge High School, Mechanicsburg High School, Washington High School

Vice-President Canton Professional Educators Association (CPEA)

Executive Committee for CPEA, Canton City Schools

Building Representative for CPEA, Canton City Schools

Faculty Advisory Committee, McKinley Senior High School

Curriculum Council Committee, Canton City Schools

Mathematics, Science, and Technology textbook Committees, Canton City Schools

Computer Applications Curriculum Development, Canton City Schools

Computer Programming Curriculum Development, Canton City Schools

Co-Writer Unified Mathematics Program, Canton City Schools

Co-Writer Superior Credit Program, Lehman High School

Co-Writer General Mathematics Program, McKinley Sr. High School


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