Non-Academic Experience & LIfe Long Influence


After graduating from high school, I was unable to attend college

because of financial reasons therefore I investigated various jobs.

Fortunately, I located a position at Robbins&Myers Inc., which is

an electrical engineering firm, as a laboratory technician. Two

reasons why this position intrigued me, one was that R&M would

train me as an engineering laboratory technician. Also, R&M

would reimburse me for college courses related to my position at

a local institution Wittenberg University. So for 5 years I trained

as a technician and acquired a few college credits. The best

of these two experiences was the hands-on training and the

one to one interaction with other technicians and engineers.

A specific electrician Arnold Rubens impacted my knowledge and

technical skills in regard to electrical devices for all sorts of uses.

I am indebted to Mr. Arnold Rubens for all that he helped me learn.


Finally as most young men, at this time, realized military service

became a focal point in my near future. Again I investigated various

options to fulfill my military obligation and benefit myself as much as

possible. I decided upon the local Air National Guard, who agreed

to send me to Kessler Air Force Base for one year of training as a

Radio Equipment Repairman. Well, I survived "basic training" and

an outstanding and no-nonsense training program in electronic

equipment. Later, to my surprise, I was awarded 8 hours of college

credit in Physics for this training, of course, this was after a 3 hour

oral exam with the department chairperson of Physics at BGSU.


After my year at Kessler, I returned to my position as technician

at R&M and attended monthly weekend meetings at the local

Air Force Base as well as two week extensive hands-on training

each summer. Much to my surprise, I functioned well at Guard

sessions and quickly became a instructor for other guardmans.

It did not take long after returning from KAFB and continuing

at R&M that I realized college had to was to have an influence in

my future. The career or profession most appealed to my was

teaching. I enrolled at BGSU bringing along with my part-time

credits from Wittenberg University and again to my surprise my

soon to be credits from USAF. With hard work and determination

as well as creative financial arrangements, I graduated form BGSU

with a major in a Mathematics and minor in Physics. Oh by the way,

I was marred to a beautiful young woman after college and settled

in Canton, Ohio and started teaching for Canton City Schools.


During those early days, I realized teaching does not pay well.

So I started looking for part-time work to supplement my income

and start saving for a rainy or sunny day which ever came first.

I was very fortunate to obtain a part-time position at a large and

local retail store, selling household appliances and electronic

equipment. It was an a truly rewarding experience. My fellow

workers explained and taught me "ins and outs" of household

appliances, electronic equipment:TVs, VCRs, etc…, as well as,

all types of furniture. This sales position not only allowed me to

gain invaluable knowledge and experience but allowed me to

acquire an unique look at how to finance goods as well as other

large ""ticket" items which is major part of everyone's life.


These non-academic experiences have had just as much an impact

on who I am and how I teach as any academic experiences I have

encountered over the years, thus I felt, I must include them in this vita.


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