Malone College - Administrative (1996-2004)


As Director of Information Communication Center (ICC), I was responsible

for purchasing and maintaining all Instructional Technology at Malone

College. It is also my responsibility to provide a portion of the ICC budget

for department instructional technology equipment. Often as not, I would

purchase, provide installation and instruction on a variety of technology.

The twelve academic buildings at Malone College, included a variety of

classes, offices, and conference rooms, most of which have TV/VCRs,

overhead/carts, projector screens, maps, internet connection, it is

no small task just to keep these facilities maintained and operational.

Along with these normal audio/visual duties, it is imperative to offer

to faculty, staff, and students the latest in technology for the classroom.

ICC provides, in a variety of rooms, necessary traditional media services

and equipment. Audio and video recording/dubbing/editting are a few of

the most called upon media services. The checking in and checking out

of 12 camcorders, 15 digital cameras, 14 laptops, 12 LCD projectors,

plus maintaining and updating this variety of equipment is also a major

responsibility of ICC the Director and Coordinator. From time to time,

it has been my responsibility to provide individual or group training

sessions on hardware and software to many faculty and departments.

ICC works hand in hand with Informational Technology, as well as,

Physical Plant to assure the finest and most up-to-date classroom

facilities for Malone College's students and faculty. ICC maintains

a faculty development station for both Mac and IBM environments

providing the latest in flatbed scanning, 35mm scanning, audio and

video digitizing, CD creations, as well as a host of other services.

This is a brief summary of a "few" technology services provided by ICC.


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