Grateful Acknowledgements


William and Caroline Love

My father and mother, who gave me a "sense of family"
and a "high value of education".   Neither graduated
from High School but raised nine children and instilled
in them the value of life-long learning and hard work.
They are my "heroes" even without awards or degrees.

My Wife

My wife and life-long companion, who I have shared
many joys, sorrows, aspirations, and dreams. Whose
advice I have constantly sought and have valued.
We will
always be together here and here after...

My Daughter

My daughter and trusted colleague, who I have had
the privilege of sharing and collaborating many
  teaching and learning endeavors. Who put up with a
father wanting his daughter to be "an independent woman".

Dr. Kenneth Cummins, Kent State University

A "Teacher's Teacher", who showed me dedication and
hard work are characteristics of a "true" educator. 
He was "always" thinking of his students and their students.
Inspired the Garden approach to teaching Mathematics.

Dr. Frank Griffin, The University of Akron

Allowing me to work with him as a colleague and
student. Teaching me a "way of thinking" which is unique
to science but should be a common way in all disciplines.
The Inquiry (Questions) Approach to Teaching and Learning.

Dr. Bill Frye, The University of Akron

Allowing me to work with him as a colleague and
student. Teaching me "principles and concepts of education"
which have prevailed and stayed "true" for these many years.
Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy & Robert Mager's Behavior Objectives

Dr. Patty Long, Malone University

A model for "all educators" true to her beliefs and principles.
Dr. Long perpetuates a solemn dedication to "all" students,
fellow colleagues and especially to Malone College.
All I can expect is your best and I will understand from your efforts.

Dr. Randy Gunter, 21st Century Learning Solutions, Inc.

Dr. Gunter shared with me 21st Century cutting edge technology
and online curriculum design which have been invaluable.
Randy's vision and advocacy has benefitted countless K-16 Educators!
Randy's favorite saying, as we work to finish up: "Are we having fun?"


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