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 Integrating Technology in the Classroom    *   Teachers Discovering Computers

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Chapter 1:          Introduction to Using Computers in Education

Webster Dictionary & Thesaurus     Dictionary - Thesaurus - Translator
* A Large Selection of Language Translators *
Matisse's Glossary of Internet Terms     Christensson's Glossary of Internet Terms

* Acronym Finder for Letters meaning Words *
Collection of Internet Resource Tools    Encyclopedia Britannica    
The American Heritage® Dictionary      Multi-Language Dictionaries
Multi-Internet Tool - Research It!!!     Multi-Internet Tool - Find It!!!
WordSmyth - Educational Dictionary Thesaurus
Ask Dr. Internet a Question     Ask Jeeves a question
Ask An Expert Home Page     Ask Question Web Pages


* Widipedia * Awesome Online Encylopedia *

* Multi-Language & Multi-Dictionary  “One Look Up”  Investigation of Words *
* Webopedia: Ultimate Online Dictionary & Search Engine for the Internet *

* * * Microsoft Encarta:  Dictionary,   Atlas,   Encyclopedia * * *

* What is it? Technology Dictiuonary *


Chapter 2:            Communications, Networks, Internet, WWW

* Learn The Net - Internet Guide for Everyone *
* A comprehensive overview: Internet from DownUnder *
University of Albany - Internet Tutorial

Cislunar Aerospace,Inc. - Internet Tutorial
Microsoft Browser Tutorial     Netscape Browser Tutorial  
Microsoft Internet Explorer Tour       Netscape Navigator Browser Tour
Internet for Beginners "not" Dummies (About.com)
* Search Engine Tutorial *     * Web Searching Tips *
The RDN - Virtual Training Suite of Tutorials
Search Engine Showdown      Sink or Swim: Search Tutorial
* A Eudora Email Tutorial for IBMs & MACs *
Microsoft Outlook Tutorial     Selection of Outlook Tutorials

A Comprehenisve Selection of Technology Tutorials

* Gateway to WWW ListServs *      * Portal to WWW NewsGroups *


* *  A comprehensive selection of Search Tools & Search Tutorials  * * *




Chapter 3:      Application Software: Productivity for Educators

* Educational Resources - Software, Hardware/Assessories *
Super Kids Software Reviews      Educational Software Institute
Educational Software Publishers (PEP)
Educational Software Cooperative     Sports Educational Software
* Thomson Learning - Your Learning Solutions Partner *
Scholastic Interactive Software     Smart Kids Educational Software
* AppleWorks Online Interactive Tutorial - UtahLINK Virtual Field Trip *
The Learning Company Software     Edmark Educational Software
Word Perfect Office Software (Corel Corp)
Educational Software by Sunburst     Tom Snyder Productions
Microsoft Works Integrated Software
RiverDeep Online Software     Knowledge Adventure Software
Microsoft Office User Specialist (MOUS)    Internet Computing Core Certification (IC3)
* Learn How to get the Most from AppleWorks 5.0 (ClarisWorks)
* Microsoft Office 98 Exercises for Macintosh *

* Microsoft Office 2000 Tutorial - Word,Excel,Access,PowerPoint,FrontPage *
* Internet4Classrooms - Online Practice Modules for Teachers *

* Bay City Public School – Microsoft Office 2000 Tutorial *

* Microsoft Office Tutorial – Paul T. Birtwell *


Chapter 4:            Hardware for Educators

* How Stuff Works! *            * What's in the Box? *
* eHow's: Step-by-Step of How-To’s *

* Mastering Essentials for the Information SuperHighway *
Taming the Beast! - Hardware Training Lesson Topics
PC Computer Notes & Hardware Tutorials
* The Ultimate TroubleShooting Process (UTP) * 
Online Informational Technology Tutorials


* A Selection of Online Computer Hardwaer Tutorials *

* Overview of Computer Components by Hardware Planet *

            * * * Technology Tutorials by Learnthat.com * * *

* * * Basic & Advanced Computer Hardware Tutorials * * *

* Comprehensive Tutorial on Computer Hardware *
* * * Tutorial on Web & Technology by Web Teacher * * *

Buy Online - IBM PCs        Buy Online - Compaq PCs
Buy Online - Gateway PCs         Buy Online - Dell PCs

MacAddict Web Page     MyMac Web Page   

Mac Online         Best of Mac   

The Ultimate Macintosh

The MacIntosh Quick Fix TroubleShooting Guide



Chapter 5:         Integrating Multimedia & Educational Software Applications

* Hyperstudio Online Interactive Tutorial - UtahLINK Virtual Tours *
Netscape Composer - A      Netscape Composer - B
Hyperstudio Tessellation Tutorial     Hyperstudio Teacher Tutorial
Microsoft FrontPage Express from MS Internet Explorer 4.0
* Annabella's HTML Tutorial *     Web Tutor's Web Page Tutorial
HTML code explained in an easy format.
AppleWorks (WP) Saved As... an HTML File
Interactive HTML Tutorial      * Super HTML Goodies Site *
Microsoft Word (WP) Saved As... an HTML File
# # # HTML Color Codes for Web Pages    #   BGs    #    BGs  #   Texture Backgrounds for Web Pages # # #
FrontPage Tutorial by Microsoft Office      Microsoft PowerPoint Tutorial    
 # # # Creating Web Pages using Netscape Communicator  # # #
* DreamWeaver 3.0 Tutorial - Basics for Web Pages *
Microsoft PowerPoint Creation Tips     Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Tutorial
Basic Web Resource Site - NC Composer, FP Express, Hyperstudio, HTML
ClarisWorks Slideshow (Draw - PDF)     ClarisWorks Slideshow (WP - PDF)
A Collection of Multimedia Guides for Teachers
Writing HTML - A Tutorial for creating Web Pages...
Hyperstudio Guide & Tutorial
 * * * * Adobe Photoshop Tutorial – TEKS * * * *

* Learn How to get the Most from AppleWorks 5.0 (ClarisWorks)
* Microsoft Office 98 Exercises for Macintosh *
* Microsoft Office Tutorial - Word,Excel,Access,PowerPoint,FrontPage *
* Internet4Classrooms - Online Practice Modules for Teachers *


Chapter 6:           Technology and Curriculum Integration


Ohio Academic Standards for Education
Integration of Technology in the Classroom
Factors of Influence on Technology Integration
Instructional Technology Resources - UofM Learning Technology Review
A List of One Computer Classroom Web Sites     One, Two or Few Computer Classroom
Computer Projects for the (One-Computer) Classroom
The One & Only PC Classroom    
Planning the Ultimate One PC Classroom
But I don't have a Computer Lab!     Integrating Technology in the Classroom
Educational Solutions for Technology in the Classroom
* How to Thrive! - Not Survive with a One PC Classroom! *
Integrating Technology into the K-12 Curriculum

* Examples of Curriculum Pages *
* Examples of Scavenger Hunts *
<_x0021_http: _x002f_edweb.sdsu.edu _x002f_webquest _x002f_matrix.html/>* Examples of Virtual Tours & Field Trips *

* Examples of Internet WebQuests *


Chapter 7:           Evaluating Educational Technology & Integration Strategies

* Gateway to Lesson Plans *     Teacher2Teacher Lesson Plans
Blue Ribbon Learning Sites
New York Times Learning Network     Lesson Plans Search Web Site
 * * * Marcopolo Worldcom Internet Content * * *
Teacher Vision Lesson Plan     The Teacher Net Lesson Plans
Education with New Technologies:Networked Learning Communities
Lesson Plans 4 Teachers     The Web Portal for Educators
Community Learning Resources
TEAMS Learning Plans    LessonPlanPage.com
Teacher/Pathfinder Materials     The Teacher's Guide
Columbia Education Center     Core Knowledge Lesson Plans
* Tools for the TEKS! - Integrating Technology into the Classroom *

* Apple Learning Exchange - Awesome Resource for Students & Teachers *
* Lesson Plans for the Curriculum by Lin & Don Donn *

* Integrating Technology into the Schools – UofNM *

* The K -12 Spelling Hub - A Gateway for K - 12 Students *
* The K -12 Quiz Hub - A Gateway for K - 12 Students *
* Elementary & Middle School Hub - A Portal for K - 8 Students *
* The High School Hub - A Portal for High School Students *
* Middle & High School Educational Resources *
* More Middle & High School Tutorials All Subjects *
* High School Classroom Instructional Resources *
* A Curriculum Page of Middle & High School Educational Resources *

* * * CyberSmart Integrating Technology Curriculum * * *

* * * Welcome to Kathy Schrock's Home Page, a portal of possibilities
for effective integration of technology into the curriculum! * * *


Chapter 8:       Security Issues, Ethics and Emerging Technologies in Education
(The links below are not all from Chapter 8 but Educational Resources.)

Stock Market Basics Tutorial        Stock Market – Symbols Database
Don Bain's Virtual Reality Panoramas     A Variety of Quicktime VR Movies
A Gateway to American Presidents     A Gateway to The United States
The Coolest K-12 School Web Sites     Select a State for K-12 Web Sites
An Ohio Directory of K-12 School Web Sites
The Teacher Tap - Professional Development Resources for Teachers

Library of Congress Resource Page     Smithsonian Institution Home Page
The Awesome Library     The Library Spot
Gateway to a Virtual Library     Portal to a Virtual Library
Education World Resource Page     Internet Reference Source Page
Education Online Index Page     BBC Education Online Page
Federal Resources for Education Excellence
National Library of Education Page     Distance Education Clearinghouse Page
OhioLINK - The Ohio Library and Information Network
Online Freebie Reference Desk         Martindale's - Reference Desk
Rhyme & Phrase Dictionary     Bartlett's Famous Quotations
Art Museum Network Online       Art on the Net - Museums and More
Citing Internet Sources - A       Citing World Wide Web Sources - A
Citing Internet Sources - B       Citing World Wide Web Sources - B
The Internet Public Library - Citing Electronic Resources

Gateway to On-Line Courses          Virtual On-Line Courses
           Free Education On Internet      Free Online Typing Test
Gateway to MapQuest            Portal to Maps on Us
Time anywhere in the World     Numerical Conversions
Much, Much More than Calculators    

Gateway to Teaching Resources     Teacher Resources on the Net
Gateway to Awesome References      Gateway to National Geographic
Ask Eric - Educational Information with a Personal Touch 
State, City, Reference & Resource Web Guide     United States Census Bureau Home Page

Ohio SchoolNet Home Page       Ohio Department of Education
International Society for Technology in Education     National Council for Accreditation:Teacher Education
National Council of Teachers of Mathematics      National Council of Teachers of Social Studies
The World of Mathematics Online       The Comprehensive History Guide
National Council of Teachers of English     National Science Teachers Association
National Association for Sport & Physical Education       International Society for Music Education

Association for the Advancement of Art Education       The National Council for Health Education
Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)    The Special Education Home Page
Special Education & Learning Styles/Multiple Intelligences



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