Ed 362 Bulletin Board @ www.itws.org/phpBB


This is the procedure to Register at the Bulletin Board for Ed 362 ( www.itws.org )


1. Go to this URL: www.itws.org/phpBB


2. At phpBB Creating Communities Page: Top Right Corner, click on Register.


3. Read Agreement Statement then click appropriate agreement statement at bottom:


I agree to these terms and am over or exactly 13 years of age


4. At the Online Database Boxes: Exp: telove1@student.malone.edu


Enter Malone College Username then Malone College Email Address


5. Enter a password and confirm it: ( Suggestion use Malone College Password. )


6. Enter any Instant Messenger ID numbers, this is your choice and not required.


7. Enter appropriate information in the next (4) categories: Suggestions


Website: www.itws.org Location: Malone College


Occupation: Student Interests: Whatever


8. Next group of topics should all be YES except Always HTML: leave it as NO.


9. At Time Zone Box, minimize web page screen to task bar and launch Explorer.


Do a Google search: GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) Zulu Time at London, UK.


10 At Greenwich Mean Time Page, scroll a little then in Box: Time Around the Globe:


Click: Time in US Time Zones then at USA map Click Ohio


11. Depending upon whether Ohio is on DST or not, determine GMT +/- for Ohio.

To see time in a separate window press  here


12. Return to the Online Database Registration Web Page and enter correct GMT +/-.


13. Now click Submit button at the bottom of page. Record displayed information.


14. Now go to the Bulletin Board for Ed362 and log in: www.itws.org/phpBB



Tom Love Malone College Spring 2005