Malone College - School of Education
Instructional Technology - Ed 362
Technology Activities and Portfolio Projects
Traditional Portfolios contain activities from (9) technology areas.
Electronic Portfolios contain activities from (6) technology areas.

Production Activities - ClarisWorks & Microsoft Office
Word Processing - Papers, Outlines, Tests, Quizzes, etc...
Spreadsheets - Grade Averages & Totals, What - If Sheets, etc...
Data Bases - Personal, Inventories, Mailing Labels, Reports, etc...
Paint & Draw - Artistic, Collage, Word Draw & Word Art, etc...

Communication Activities - Eudora & MSIE - NN/NC (Browsers)
E-mail Messages - Send, Receive, Reply, Signature, Addressbook, etc...
E-mail Attachments - Production Documents, Various Images, etc...
Microsoft Internet Explorer - Web Sites & Search Tools
Netscape Navigator / Communicator - Web Sties & Search Tools

Multimedia Projects - Interactive & Non-interactive
ClarisWorks Slide Shows - Clip Art and Basic Charts
MS Office Power Point - Teaching Strategies & Learning Styles
HyperStudio - Linear Stack, Nonlinear Stack, Main Menu
HTML Web Site - Home, Data, Graphic, Link Pages
    * Netscape Composer Image Page * & * Front Page Express Movie Page *

Instructional Software Activities - Single Pkgs., & Online Pkgs.
Educational Resources Catalog Investigations
DK Software CD-Rom Sampler Investigations
Instructional Web Site (WWJD) - Children Web Sites
"Best of the Best" K-12 Web Sites Investigations

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