Animated Clip Art for Web Pages


Animated Gif Finder – A really big bunch of Animations from Michael G. Shaikun.


GIFs Now- Large collection of animated gifs, useful for education and organized by topic.   Check out categories.

Animation Factory- Here are many, many animations, organized by concept as well as many, many images.

Graphics (GIF) Archive – Animations of all sorts from Harry the Cat animated clip art collection.

The Eagles Nest – Easily accessible Animations to view and for use on all web pages.

Feeble Minds – Free Animations, Clip Art, Backgrounds and Banners, etc…

Barry's Clip Art Server -Browse clipart categories available. Contains a searchable database.

Animation Library – Animations in a wide variety of categories for Free use on web pages.

Useless Graphics – Clip Art, Images, Graphics, Animations, and just about everything.

Seven Oaks Art – Free 3D Animations and Graphics for web pages and web sites.

Sports Graphics – Animations and Graphics restricted to Educational Web Sites by Teacher Web.

Just for Kids – Animations, Graphics, Clip Art, and Backgrounds for Educational Use * Linkware *

Teacher Files – Welcome to Clip Art and Animations for Students and Teachers

Bells & Whistles – Everything on this site if Free and it has many things to consider.

Animated Gif Index – Quite a collection of Animations * Easy to view and to save.

Animated Gifs * LoonyVerse – Many categories of Animated Clip Art for Free downloading.

Phyllis’s BGs & Alphabets – Awesome and Free  backgrounds and clip art for Education.


Web Developers Notes – How is Animations created?  Information and examples.

Get Animated- Animations and tutorials for developing transitions, scrolling text, and fram animations here.

Animated Collection – Many good ideas on Web Design and Free Animations



Graphics, Clipart and Art for Web Pages


Free Graphics- Search by category for sites that provide fonts, backgrounds, animations and clip art.

The Graphics Gallery- Wow, find extraordinary graphics that are organized by theme/topic. Check here first!

CyberBee's Clipart- Elementary-level icons, graphics, and animations for use in documents, webpages, or multimedia.

PageWorks- This is a great collection of animations and clipart, with wonderful information about copyright infringement.

Kids Domain- Educational clip art is useful for newsletters, desk top publishing, multimedia projects and web pages.

Awesome Clipart for Kids- Cool graphics and digital images organized by topic from Awesome Clip Art of Kids.

Mary Malinconico- A collection of links to graphics, organized by icons, clipart and photos, and backgrounds. Organized by subject and topic, here is a great collection of educational clipart for students and teachers.

Discovery School Clipart- Graphics organized by animated clip to just about every other category used in web pages.

D&W Teacher's Spot – There are 10 pages of elementary educational clipart organized for student and teacher use.

Icon Bazaar- Kid friendly site with lots of graphics and letters organized by a variety of topics which is good for web pages.

ClipsAhoy- Lots of catagorized graphics, as well as links to many, many other free clipart web sites for education. Computer, business, and office clip art web site with a clip art and image data base searcher.

Media Builder- Find an online animated banner maker, button maker, 3D text maker, and over 20000 graphic images here!

GoGraph- This is a huge collection of searchable animated gifs, graphics, photos, and more, all organized by topic.

The Free Site- Find banners, sounds, webspace, counters, chat, games, graphics, screensavers, software and more.

Clipart Universe- Banners, clipart, buttons, animations, backgrounds and more that can legally used on your Webpage.

Julianne's Backgrounds- Visitors will find background textures organized by color and a dynamic tour allows visitors to view all. Collection of backgrounds, organized by topic and holiday.  This site also has many free graphics. Animated buttons, lines, backgrounds, and more here and of course everything on this site is Free.

Shawn's Web Art and Webateria- Here is free, funny cartoon character art for your web pages and web site.

Mcanna's Free Art Site- Check out how to make transparent GIF's and learn tips for using HTML, Photoshop and Corel.

Icon Mania- Great place to find kid related icons for your website! They are categorized into every group imaginable.

Web Graphics- Here are graphics for primary classrooms.  Click  “CANCEL” when prompted to install Language Pack.

School Graphics- Here are graphics for elementary and middle school sites from Rainbow Connection Graphics.



Tutorials for Web Page Creation


The Barebones Guide to HTML- Designed for adults and translated into many languages, easily navigated and very complete.

Site Building Tools- A home for Web Site for newbies to learn the basics web design and site building.

How to Create a Webpage- Step-by-step instructions getting started, text, links, graphics, forms, frames, java, and troubleshooting.

Resources for Creating Websites- Find how to use Netscape Composer to create HTML web pages or WUSIWUG web pages.

Visual Tutorial- Slow, animated screenshots lead learners through the process of completing a page. Use presentation.

HTML Color Code chart- Here are basic colors for a text and to be used as color bacground for web pages.

Lissa Explains It All- Lissa has provided an excellent resource for developing and enhancing web pages! Just about everything.

Create Your Own Webpage- This is a great place for beginners to learn about web page and website creation.

Learning HTML for Kids- This site leads kids ages 10 and up (adults too!) through the planning and development of a webpage.

Website Development Club- Free HTML website development wizard download, used with 2nd grade through high school students.

Webmonkey for Kids- Here are lessons, projects, playground and tools for teaching kids how to make web pages.

HTML Basics- This site offers to teach the basics in one hour created for journalism students by Mindy McAdams.

A Beginner's Guide to HTML- This is a primer for producing documents in HTML, the hypertext markup language used on WWW.

Hypertext Markup Language- HTML tutorials: General, HTML 3.2 Tags, HTML Code, My First Page, Web Bitmaps, and Scripts.

How Do They Do That With HTML?-   Provides teachers and students the information needed to produce simple to complex webpages.

WebTeacher – All you need to know about web pages from basic to complex pages including images, sounds and all sorts of links.

10 Minute Guide to HTML- Easy tutorial and your webpage will be up and running for students and teachers.

Website Tutorial- This presentation goes through the basics of creating a simple webpage as well as web sites.

HTML Primer- This site contains 8 tutorials to help you learn the various aspects of HTML or Hyper text Markup Language.

NCSA's Beginner Guide to  HTML This is a starting point  to understanding the hypertext markup language (HTML) used on WWW.

HTML: Crashcourse for Educators- This site is for teachers ready to design their own pages. It is very basic, but very complete, also.

Writing HTML- Here is an HTML tutorial written in Spanish for the Beginers and Advanced web page designers.

HTML Color Code Chart- Here are the codes and examples of the colors for web page text and web page backgrounds.

Site Building Tools- Learn how to create basic pages, and add frames, tables, forms, mouseovers, and sound at this easy to understand site.

Creating Your Own Website- Copy and paste the provided code to learn the basics and advanced features.

XHTML/XML: What Does it mean to Web Publishers? Here are the differences and distinctive features, with links to more information. Huge resource contains tutorials and information for using advanced network and web creation applications.

CSS Tutorial - A    &   CSS Tutorial - B   Cascading Style Sheet Tutorials from and W3Schools web sites.

Java Script Overview- Complete with sample code and handouts, here is a complete workshop that teaches how to use Java Script.

The Java Boutique- Tutorials for everyone, from experienced programmers to the novice web page designers.

Page Advanced HTML Tutorials- How-to's for advanced coding, from adding sound to metatags and DHTML.

Webpedia- Online newsletter containing current Internet news and information related to Web authoring, design and programming.

Webmaster's Resources- Find many HTML tutorials, clip art links, and lots more- all designed for teachers! Free Web building tutorials, from basic HTML and XHTML tutorials, to advanced XML, XSL and WAP tutorials.

Project Cool's DeveloperZone- Indexed all the leading web technology, technique, design, and development magazine sites.

Guide to Publishing HTML-Here are beginning and advanced guides for using HTML- organized and easily used.

Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi–  HTML Jalfrezi is a comprehensive guide to writing web sites for advanced beginner or professional designer

Web Reference - Full reference for  Website development. It contains basic Web guides to advanced level VRML instruction.

Virtual Webmaster's Guide- Offers Virtual HTML tools, tutorials, guides, icons, buttons, arrows, tips, designs, FAQ and libraries.



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