Table of Contents - Overview of Advanced Topics in Mathematics

Topics & Teaching in Pre-Calculus challenging for students& instructor.

Table of Contents for (16) units – (2) weeks per unit for Academic Year


Who dares to teach must never cease to learn.       John Cotton Dana

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First Nine Weeks ***  Two Week Units

 IG - IM   4th- 5th     PurpleMath      DR&IR   PA-TsPs

  BWP   WP1  WP2      Purple Math      GW1  GW2  RWP

SM   &   IM        Linear Functions      SI   &   PP

Up   &   Dn       Quadratic Functions      RRts   &    IRts

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Second Nine Weeks   ***   Two Week Units

SD   RR   &   RIR   Polynomial Functions     3rd    &   4th

Circle  *  Ellipse     @ Conics @    Parabola  *  Hyperbola

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LogEs   &   LsLogs    Exp-Log Function     C-NLs   &   C-NSs

TPTs   &   ATGs     Trigonometry Basics      L&R   &   ATFs 

Third Nine Weeks    ***   Two Week Units

RadF  &  AVF   Relations & Functions   GIF  &   RecF

Seq  Ser  L,R,P  Seq’s&Series–Unit10  AR  GP  GS

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DiffCalc-Wi  Differential Calculus–Unit11 DiffCalc-Wo

IntCalc-Wi  IntegralCalculus–Unit12    IntCalc-Wo

Fourth Nine Weeks     ***   Two Week Units

Polar Coordinate System      Polar Points&Graphs

MatrixHandOut      Overview of Matrices

SetTheory   BasicTerms   Probability    P&O1 P&OWPs

FDTable ChiSqTest  Terms  SoftStats  LRCC1  LRCC2

Special Topics & Web Sites  ***    Advanced Math Resources

AncientNSys  GeoGebra  VMMs  FreeMath  MathAtlas

MathORef   WMathWorld    HistoryMath   FRforEE

WaldoMaths  MathForum  Excelets  MathPg  VisualMth

PaulsMath  101Math  FreeTuts   WorldofMath  IntMath

Mathematics Resource & Reference Materials

Dictionary: WolframAlpha   MathWords   VisualMaths

MathsDictionary    MathStuff     ShodorDictionary

Collection of Beginning to Advanced WPs & Answers

Collection of Graphing Devices – Online&Download


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Thomas E. Love ***   Malone University  *** Updated 2015  ***

Reference: Dolciani, Mary P., Modern Algebra & Trigonometry, Houghton Mifflin Co., New York, NY 

Reference: Dolciani, Mary P., Modern Introductory Analysis, Houghton Mifflin Co., New York, NY