* Summary of Highlights to TDC textbook and online materials. *


Teachers Discovering Computers - A Link to the Future

World Wide Web and CNN Enhanced - Course Technology - First Edition


Teachers Discovering Computers - Integrating Technology in the Classroom

World Wide Web and CNN Enhanced - Thomson Learning & Course Technology


Teachers Discovering Computers - Integrating Technology in the Classroom

Second Edition - Thomson Learning & Course Technology @ 2002




Eight carefully selected units of technology designed for K-12 educators  to


develop a formative knowledge of technology and integration into the classroom


enhance a current knowledge of technology and  integration into the classroom


supplemented by an comprehensive online correlated web site.




Chapter 1: Introduction to Using Computer in Education

Chapter 2: Communications, Networks, the Internet, and the WWW

Chapter 3: Production Software - Applications for Educators

Chapter 4: Hardware Applications for Educators

Chapter 5: Integrating Multimedia and Educational Software Applications

Chapter 6: Education and Technology Integration  -  into the Classroom

Chapter 7: Integrating Educational Technology into the Curriculum

Chapter 8: Security Issues, Ethics and Emerging Technologies in Education




* Thematic Themes of Teachers Discovering Computers *


Knowledge of Technology  and  Integration of Technology


Curriculum-Specific Teaching and Learning for all K-12 Educators

   for both Mac & IBM platforms    includes   all

National Educational Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS-T)

Technology Standards for School Administrators (TSSA)


Research Based to ensure effective, efficient and sustaining online training.




End-of-Chapter Exercises for Traditional and Online versions


In Brief: summarizes chapter materials and enhances with online web sites


Key Terms: emphasis on traditional definitions & with multisensory environment


Check Point: matching & short-answer exercises for alternate learning style


Teaching Today: encourages an appreciation of technology with real-life examples


Education Issues: highlights current & controversial educational issues


Integration Corner: innovative & extensive curriculum-specific resources


Software Corner: showcases popular and effective educational software


In the Lab: production & multimedia exercises along with specific online U


Learn It Online: Interactive Lab activities which include both Mac & IBM




Special Features incorporated throughout Chapter Exercises


Timeline 2002: Milestones in Computer History


Guide to WWW sites and Searching Techniques


Creating a Teacher’s Web Page using Microsoft Word


Buyer’s Guide 2002:  Purchase, Install and Maintain PCs


Guide to Professional Educational Organizations


Learning Theories and Educational Research


Creating a Curriculum Page using Microsoft Word


Guide to State & Federal Government Educational Web Sites




Supporting CD Materials for Teachers and/or Trainers


***Teaching Tools:  CD-ROM which includes teaching & testing materials


Instructor’s Manual:  comprehensive materials for learning & assessment


Figures in the Book:  illustrations to be included into a personal PP presentation


Exam View:  state-of-the-art test builder from text bank and is user-friendly


Interactive Labs:  CD-ROM version with no audio for classroom use


Interactive Lab Solutions:  efficient solutions to companion handouts for labs


***Course Presenter with Figures and Animation:  multimedia lecture presentation




Original versions of TDC were created in an enriched graphical environment,


however, this proved to be a problem for many online phone users,


therefore, the second and latest edition has been designed for easier access.




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A special comment on professional development which usually


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