Directions to Create a Non-Linear PowerPoint Presentation

which could be a Virtual Field or Virtual Tour


1.     Before starting it might be a good idea to view a couple of simple examples.

View a Non-Linear PP Presentation of Seasons

†† View Virtual Tour of a few buildings at Malone College


2.     The examples above should help to visualize a Non-Linear PP Presentation.

below are directions for the Seasons PP Presentation.This will be a learning experience.


3. Double Click PowerPoint,††† Select a Blank Presentation,†† Select a Blank Template


4. Start in Outline View(Tab at Top Left)†† create(5)slides with headings of:

††††† Seasons,†††† Spring,††† Summer,††† Autumn,†† Winter


5. On the first slide of the PP called††† Seasons ( Table of Contents )

enter a Heading of†††† *Seasons by First &Last Name *†††† Your First & Last Name???


6. On the other slides,†† only enterHeadings of†††† Spring,Summer,Autumn, Winterat this time.


7. Now toSorter View (Control A)include globalTransition&Background (Design)to all slides.


8. Now to†† Slide View ††(Outline,Slide,Notes)to includebulletsnot included in Outline View.

†††††††† Ifbullets were added in Outline View then clicking would not be controlled by links.


9. In Slide View,select the slide withSpring on it and we will include the bullets from our example.


10. Using theText Box Tool†† on†††† Draw Tool Bar††† at the bottom of the screen,

†††††††† Create a text box somewhere in the middle of slide and type in the bullets from the example.


11.After all of the slides†† Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter†† have bullets select slideSeasons.


12. Now we are ready to include the†† Non-Linear Linksonthe slideSeasons†† ( Table of Contents ).


13. Using theText Box Tool††† on†† Draw Tool Bar†††† at the bottom of the screen,

†††††††† create a text box in each corner & include a season in each box:†† Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.


14. After you have all four seasons in small text boxes,†† one in each of the corners,

†††††††† select anyone of themthenclick on the command†† Slideshow†† at top of screen.


15. After the Slideshow command†† appears then click on†† Action Settings

Action Settings will only show when one of the boxes is selected.


16. After you click on Action Settings,†† click in front of†††† Hyperlink to:†††then

use drop down arrow to select the name of theslideyou have selected.


17. Continue linking the other slidesto each of the text boxes in the corners.


18. After you have linked all the four boxes to appropriate slides

then††† go to theSlide for Spring†† and we are still in†† Slide View.


19. At the bottom of†† Spring†† create a text box with†† Home Slide†† in it.

Select the box with†† Home Slide†† in it and click Slideshow

then click in front of†† Hyperlink to:†† then use drop down arrow

to select the†† Title and Credits/Table of Contents†† page.( Seasons )


20. After you have completed the link back to†† Seasonsthen

copy and paste this text box with†† Home Slide†† in it to each of the other slides.


21. Now return toSorter Viewand make sure the slideSeasons is selected

Save your Non-linearPP as††† NLPP##††††††† The two##are for your first and last initials.


22. Donít forget to have only the first slide selected when saved in Sorter View.

†††††††† Now go to where you have saved this PP and double click on it and see how it works.



Tom Love†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Malone College†††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Summer 2004