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Number Sense and Operations


Addition Machine - Practice addition facts

Base 10 Blocks

Bobber's Farm - Identifying fractions, odd and even numbers and prime numbers

Cats in Line Activity Page - Practice using ordinal numbers

Change Maker

Color It! - Multiples of 2

Counting Multiples - Find the multiples of numbers between 2 and 9

Decifractator - Convert fractions to decimals

Decimal Number Line

Disaster Math - Story problems

Division Machine - Practice division facts

Dog Bone     -Finding numbers from a number square.

Farm Addition* - Basic counting and addition

Find the Pairs - Odd numbers

Find the Pictures - Addition to10

Fishing for Numbers*

Fraction Bars

Fresh Baked Fractions - Identifying equivalent fractions

Fraction Flags Halves        -Practice painting creative flags while learning about halves

Fraction Flag Thirds           -Practice painting creative flags while learning about thirds.

Fraction Paint 4       -Fraction Paint 2x2 square

Fraction Paint 9       -Fraction Paint 3x3 square

Fraction Paint 16     -Fraction Paint 4x4 square

Fraction Paint 25     -Fraction Paint 5x5 square

Fraction Paint 36     -Fraction Paint 6x6 square

Frog Palace - Place Value and Decimals

Function Machine

Get Dotty - Multiples of 3

Ghost Blasters

Ghost Blasters 2       -This games lets you choose to practice sums of the number you set

Ghost Blasters Even            -Practice finding the even numbers

Ghost Blasters Odd -Practice finding the odd numbers

Great Equations*

Guess the Number - Estimation and halving numbers

Martian Math* - Writing out math problems

Math Baseball - Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

Math Cats - Story Problems

Math Cats Explore the Multiplication Table

Math Magic -Timed practice of basic math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

Math Magician       -Practice Addition, Subtraction, Division, and Multiplication facts by number

Monster Numbers* 

Mouse on the Move - Counting from 1 - 10

Multiples and Factors - Not interactive

Multiplication Bridge*

Multiplication Grid

Multiplication Machine - Practice multiplication facts

Multiplication Mystery – Solve the mystery with math

Multiplication Times Table and Grids - Practice multiplication facts

Odd Way Home - Odd numbers

Paint Brush Math* - Beginning addition skills

Percent Paint -Percentage paint tool 

FunSchool & Math Games* - Work with many levels

Pizza Party - Identify fractions by using pizzas*

Place Value Puzzler

Power Football - Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division

Really Big Numbers - Say them and see how to write them.

Sea Shell Rounding Activity Page - Practice rounding numbers between 10 and 100.

Soccer Shootout - Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division * Ws and Fs

Space Hopscotch - Counting forward by 2's, backwards by 1's

Speed Grid  Addition 1     -Addition Level 1

Speed Grid  Addition 2     -Addition Level 2

Speed Grid Addition 3      -Addition Level 3

Speed Grid Subtraction 1                        -Subtraction Level 1         

Speed Grid Subtraction 2                        -Subtraction Level 2         

Speed Grid Subtraction 3 - Subtraction Level 3      

Speed Grid Multiplication           -Multiplication 

Splat Squares 0-99 -Number square 0-99

Splat Squares 0-100   -Number square 0-100

Spot the Odds 

Subtraction Machine - Practice multiplication facts

Sum Sense- Addition        -Figuring out addition problems.

Sum Sense- Subtraction   -Figuring out subtraction problems.

Sum Sense- Multiplication                       -Figuring out multiplication problems.

Sum Sense- Division          -Figuring out division problems.

Super Sequencer - Create sequences of numbers

The "Less Than" Lake Maze - Subtracting by 1

The "More Than" Marsh Maze - Comparing numbers

Top Roman - Roman Numerals*

Using an Abacus



Data Analysis, Probability, and Discrete Math

Billy Bug        -Helps students learn coordinates. ( 0-10)

Billy Bug 2     -Helps students learn coordinates. ( 0-5)

Create a Graph

Grapher - Practice creating a bar graph

Data Analysis & Much More – Variety of Statistical problems

Introduction to Statistics – Measures of Central Tendency

Interactive Statistics for KidsVariety of Statistical Experiences

Nice Kids Chances with Dice

Explore eLearningMany types of Data Adventures

Math Lab for StatisticsMuch with Experiements and More

ABC Teach StatisticsDirectory of Simple Data Analysis

Math Goodies with ProbabilityMuch to do with Probability

Math Tools for All Sorts of DataBasic and Advanced tools

National Curriculum for MathematicsBasic Numbers and other Standards

Ancient Societies and their NumeralsRoman, Egyptian, Chinese, Mayan




Patterns, Algebra, and Functions

Flipping Monsters - Left and right

Haunted Hill

Pattern Blocks 1

Pattern Blocks 2

Spooky Sequences - Triangular Numbers      -Find the sequence (triangular numbers).

Spooky Sequences - Square Numbers            -Find the sequence (square numbers).

Spooky Sequences by ones        -Find the sequence ( by ones).

Spooky Sequences by twos        -Find the sequence ( by twos).

Spooky Sequences by threes     -Find the sequence ( by threes).

Spooky Sequences by ones        -Find the sequence ( by ones).

Spooky Sequences by 5's            -Count on in 5's

Spooky Sequences by 2's            -Count on in 2's

Spooky Sequences by 10's          -Count on in 10's

Spooky Sequences backward by 1's   -Count back in 1's

Spooky Sequences backward by 2's   -Count back in 2's

Spooky Sequences backward by 5's               -Count back in 5's

Spooky Sequences backward by 10's            -Count back in 10's

Tesselation Town



Geometry and Measurement


Analog Clock - Telling time with the hands on a clock

Area Explorer - Find the perimeter of shapes on a grid

Banana Hunt           -This game helps students practice the degrees of an angle

Bang On Time         -Helps student practice telling time.

Clock Program - Telling time with an analog or a digital clock

Estimate        -Estimating numbers

*Exact Change, Please

How Much Is It?  Convert Length, Width and Volume

Kali - Working with symmetry

Match the Times 

Measuring Angles

Missing Hands - Telling time

Money Program


Perimeter Explorer - Find the perimeter of shapes on a grid

Polygon Playground

Rm. 108 Money Drills

Shape Cave* - Learn about different shapes

Shape Explorer - Find the perimeter and area of shapes on a grid

Stop the Clock 1     -Telling time to 1/2 hour intervals.

Stop the Clock 2     -Telling time to 15 minute intervals.

Stop the Clock 3     -Telling time to 5 minute intervals.

Stop the Clock 4     -Telling time to the minute.

Stop the Clock 5     -Telling time to the minute.

Stop the Clock R     -Matching times written in text to the graphic match.

Teaching Measures - Metric Measurement

Tesselate - Create your own tesselations

Train Times - Telling time

What Time is It?* - Telling Time



Structure and Logic


Brain Teasers 1

Brain Teasers 2

Brain Teasers 3

Brain Teasers 4

Brain Teasers 5

Brain Teasers 6

Button Beach - Mental Math

Exploding Math Art

Kali - Working with symmetry

Lissajous Lab

Jumping Math Cats

Lissajous Lab

Long Line O' Math Cats

Magic Square

Mathgym Arcade - A collection of logic and thinking games

Power Lines 1           -Mathematical reasoning level 1

Power Lines 2           -Mathematical reasoning level 2

Power Lines 3           -Mathematical reasoning level 3