@@@ Self Learning & Life Long Learning & Student/Teacher Learning @@@

This is a unique adventure to investigate Google Drive & Docs via projects

which are provided as a online cluster for a PC or Laptop for ease of access.

The YouTube tutorial below is comprehensive so expect to learn in stages.

Take your time and soak it up using Pause & Back Up & Forward.

Overview of Google Drive & Docs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NLYbzXVJaY

Print Out step by step projects below along with examples!



(1) Learning Google Docs


(2) Creative Writing Project


(3) Presentation Project


(4) Spreadsheets Project


(5) Drawing & Art Project


(6) Form (Quiz) Project


(7) Hyperlink Tables (Doc & HTML)


(8) Wordle Clouds (Clouds of Words)


21st Century Embedded Links How to do it!


21st Century Placemarks Google Earth



It is very useful to be able to do ScreenShots or PrintScreens: View PrintScreens!

@ WWW Site explaining Print Screens @

@ Note for Windows 7 & Laptop Users: Hold ( Fn ) Key Down

then Hit PrtSc since PS is on a Fn Key! @

@ Note for iPad users Print Screen is: Hold Power Button & Press Home Button

Hold & Press must be done quickly & screen will flicker & be saved in Photos. @

Thomas E. Love * Technology, Mathematics, Science * 2014/2015