Learning & Creating with Google Docs (Cloud Computing) Page 1

Opening, Saving, Renaming and Closing Google Docs

Open Firefox Browser and go to Google Docs which is provided by Google. Note: embedded links!

At top right corner, Your Google Email & Sign Out are important to know about.

At top left corner, Create New tab for creating Google Docs & Upload tab for uploading files.

When first entering Google Docs, it is a Newer Version! I would suggest at Top Right Click Older Version!

At Top in Bold Letters: All Items which is a Default Location & it is a Good place to return too.

Note: Share, Folders, Delete, Rename, More Actions Do Not Click! Just note location!

On left side (column) view such items as: All Items, Owned by me, Opened by me, Shared by me


Creating, Saving, Renaming, and Deleting Google Docs ( Stay at Google Docs for items below!)

Open Firefox Browser & go to Google Docs which is provided by Google. Note embedded links!

Note: Create New tab Click Create New tab See All the Google Docs appear!

I ask at this beginning to Know about & Learn about Google Docs! It may seem Silly but it is Not!

#1 Click Create New tab Click Document meaning Word Processing like MS Word

When the Blank WP document appears start Typing Your First & Last Name

Note the Standard WP Commands appear at the top! They should be familiar!

Hit Enter & Hit Tab then Enter Your current Address ( Make Up One is OK too! )

Hit Enter & Hit Tab then Enter A Past, Current or Future Education Institution

Now: Make something Bold, Itaics, Underline Try to Justify L, C, R, F

Select a Word and use A which means Text Color and make it Red or Blue!

At Top Note: [ Untitled Document } Click & Enter WP1 then OK then Close [x] At Top!

#2 Click Create New tab Click Spreadsheet meaning Spreadsheet like MS Excel

When the Blank SS document appears Note Columns A,B,C Rows 1,2,3,4,5 Cells = Boxes

Click Cell B4 Type Tom Hit Enter At bottom Click AutoSaving & Enter Name SS1 then OK

Type & Enter Sue in Cell B5 Hit Enter Type & Enter Pete in Cell B6 Hit Enter

Type & Enter Mary in Cell B7 Hit Enter Type & Enter Jane in Cell B8 Hit Enter

Type & Enter John in Cell B9 Hit Enter Now Click on C4 which is to the Right of B4

Type & Enter 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66 Hitting Enter after each Number! Numbers for the Words!

At Top Note: SS1 is already the Title of First Spreadsheet! Now, Close by Clicking: [x] At Top!

Under All Items you should see your First WP and First SS listed with Names WP1 & SS1 Not Bad!

If they dont appear right away! Not to worry! Click Opened by Me then All Items and they will!

Note at top right, Save Now or Saved GDs is saying Save Now or Saved is automatically!

Thomas Love *** Technology, Math, Science Consultant *** 2010/2011


Learning & Creating with Google Docs (Cloud Computing) Page 2

Check Empty Square in front of WP1 then Click Rename then Type WP2 then UnCheck WP2!

WP1 has been easily Renamed! Do Same for SS1 Rename it to SS2! Google Docs is helpful!

@ Think of your Students! They must Walk before they can RUN! All of us too! @

@ This activity is so easy a few will dismiss it a hurry to do other activities, but, it is a vital activity! @

The Image of (My) Google Docs is below! Your GDs will look like mine later!

The image below was easily captured using Print Screen then pasted to MS Word.

Open a MS Word then Click: File then Paste OR Hold Ctrl & Hit V to paste image!

@ Windows 7 users must do a Hold Function Key then Hit Print Screen Key since PS is on a Function Key! @

@ You must send via Email a Print Screen of your GDs after completing this assignments! @

@ Submit: A Print Screen as the one below in a MS Word with WP2 & SS2 projects visible! @

@ Above Print Sceen needs to have a Brief Summary of this Learning GDs environment experience! @

Thomas Love *** Technology, Math, Science Consultant *** 2010/2011