A Selection of Educational WWW Sites for Kids


Interactive Sites for Kids

Cool Sites for Teachers

Safe Surfin for Kids




NASA Site for Kids A

Spelling & Vocabulary

US Treasury for Kids




Safe Places for Kids

WWW Sites 4 Kids

PE Central for Kids




Gov Spot for Kids

Exploratorium for Kids

US Fed Sites for Kids




Utah Network for Kids

State Facts for Kids

First Gov for Kids




Get Net Wise for Kids

Kathy Schrockís Guide

Benís Guide for Kids




Up to Ten for Kids

KidsClick * Library Sites

Great Sites for Kids




Enchanted Learning

Awesome Library

Utah ED Network




Education Gateway

ProQuest for Kids

KidSource Health




Education World

QUIA Shared Activities

AT&T Blue WebíN




Educators RefDesk

Google Ed††† *†††† Yahoo Ed

Education Search


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