A Literacy Approach to Fundamental (Basic) Math Knowledge

 Restated Definition(s)  &   Supporting Example(s)   &  Illustrative Image(s)

Students need to Read, Write, Talk and Play Mathematics!


@ Use Math Dictionaries with Math Textbooks to create:  Restated definition with Supporting example(s)!  @

@ Use WWW informational and interactive web sites to enhance knowledge and computational skills!  @

@  Virtual Math Manipulatives can visual illustrate beyond with hands-on activities! @


Benjamin Bloom’s Taxonomy    defines   Comprehensive  Knowledge

Application Level:       Using Basic Knowledge to Solve Problems

Comprehension Level:           Restated Definition(s), Example(s) and Image(s)

Knowledge Level:          Memorized Fundamental Knowledge


The following pages attempt to provide simple examples for teachers to use

as checklists to assess student’s fundamental fnowledge of mathematics.

A.   Students should be able to provide restated textbook definition(s),

                   supporting example(s) & illustrative image(s) for conceptual assessment.

B.  Students should also be able to provide evidence of proficiency in

    computation skills in a Real World of diverse basic number types.


 MathWords   *   MathsDictionary   *   CoolMath    *   MathStuff   *  MathisFun  *   Math Glossary

EnchantedDictionary   *  English/Spanish MathDictionary       *       DirectoryofMath Dictionaries 

MathSpokenHere   *   Math Stories    *   Interactive Daily Math   *   PBS - Games  *   MathDictionary



Natural Numbers          Fractions            Mixed Numbers            Decimals

Ratio, Proportions, Percents       Exponents & Square Roots       Integers

Geometry: Shapes, Names, and Properties

P & A of Triangles       P & A of Parallelograms     Surface Area &Volume

Probability         Measurements          Statistics

 Simple Expressions       Simple Equations      Simple Inequalities

Creation Charts       Interpretation Charts     Data Analysis


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