@Shockwave is needed for games.††† If games donít play then download. @

http://get.adobe.com/shockwave/††† Watch for extra downloads of Google?

@ A Selection of Single Games for Younger Students @

Test the Toad

Lemonade Larry

Easy Tanogams

Mister Elephant






Spelling Game

ABC Order

Number Darts





Number Train

Fuzzy Lions

I Spy Animal

Count Images





The Coloring

Make a Match

Kids Numbers

Math Games






The Playground

Harcout School

The Kidz Page





Learning Planet

Kaboose School

PBS Kids

Ben & Jerry





Surf Net Kids

Math Playground

Best Sites

Lizard Point






Kids Konnect

Family Education

Pre-Kid Games






Thomas Love * Malone University / Center for Professional Development * 2014/2015