Directions for creating a (5) Second Video using

a Sony Digital Camera FD-91 (MPEG)


1. Make sure you have went over the   features   of a   Sony FD-91

Power ON&OFF,   Insert & Eject Floppy A,   Play/Still/Movie  Mode

Lens Cover,  Shutter Button,   Flash ON&OFF,   Zoom IN&OUT,


2. Make sure the Lens Cap is off of the Lens and Turn On the Sony FD-91 then

Insert a Floppy A into the slot on the right side of the Sony FD-91 (View of A).


3. Put the Sony FD-91 into Movie Mode and it should be set for a 5 second video.

Adjust the  tripod  adjustments so as to have a goof view of the object.


4. Decide upon the lightning as to whether the Flash is needed. (Most classrooms OK!)

View the object to be made into a movie and use the Zoom to adjust the view.


5. Make sure the student being use for the movie has practiced their dialog since

the movie is set for  5  seconds and this does not leave room for error.


6. Remember the one second delay between pressing the shutter button and

viewing five red dots for the 5 second video recording to show and disappear.


7. Once all has been prepared, press the shutter button and use some type of small

motion and not voice to cue the student to begin their dialog for the movie.


8. Once the five small red dots have disappeared then the Sony FD-91 saves the video

to the Floppy A diskette.  Once Hour Glass disappears then Eject the Floppy A.


9. Make sure that the Movie is saved to the  H Drive  in the  HTML  folder before

viewing it off the Floppy A.  Also, it is very helpful to rename the movie…






Tom Love                     Malone College             Fall 2004