Quick and Easy   Step by Step   Procedure

     to create a  MS PowerPoint Presentation

Tom Love * School of Education * Malone College


1. Double Click   PowerPoint Shortcut Icon   on desktop.

2. Check    Blank Presentation   &   Click OK

3. At New Slide Window,   Double Click   Blank Template

4. At Default (Normal) View,  Click Outline View Button

(Second  tiny button bottom left corner!) (Horizontal Line )

5. At Outline View,  Press Enter to create  ( 9 ) blank slides

6. Use Mouse to position  cursor  at first slide

7. Enter:                 Learning Styles by Howard Gardner

8. Enter: One word Headings for each Learning Style

9. Enter: The End Last Slide

Learning Styles by Howard Gardner

Linguistic intelligence ("language smart"):

Logical-mathematical intelligence ("reasoning smart")

Spatial intelligence ("picture smart")

Bodily-Kinesthetic intelligence ("body smart")

Musical intelligence ("music smart")

Interpersonal intelligence ("people smart")

Intrapersonal intelligence ("self smart")

Naturalist intelligence ("nature smart")



10. Use Mouse to position   cursor   at right of first Heading

11. Press Enter   then  Press Tab   ( Sub-Topic  or  Bullet )

12. Enter a sub-topic or Bullet for First Heading (Refer to HO)

13. Press Enter for next sub-topic or Bullet

14. Enter another appropriate sub-topic or Bullet

15. Use Mouse to position   cursor   at right of second Heading

16. Press Enter for next sub-topic or Bullet

17. Press Enter for next sub-topic or Bullet

18. Continue this  sub-topic  or  Bullet entering for all Headings

19. After All sub-topics or Bullets are entered  Check  Spelling



20. Now to leave  Outline View   and go to   Sorter View

(Fourth  tiny button in bottom left corner) ( 4 small squares )

21. At  Sorter View,  all slides become thumbnail sketches

22. Use mouse & select   First  Thumbnail   (Dark Borders)

                Now do a   Control A   to select all slides

23. Above first slide,  click drop down arrow No Transition

24. Scroll to bottom   and   select     Random Transition

                RT   provides random visual between slides

25. Use mouse & select   Second  Thumbnail (Dark Borders)

Do a   Control A   to select all slides ( Maybe OK!)

25. Above second slide, click drop down arrow for  No Effect

26. Scroll to bottom    and select   Random Effect

                RE provides random visual between  Bullets

27. Use mouse & click  Format  at top of screen

and click   Apply Design Template

28. Carefully  Single Click  a few of   Designs 

and  select  (1)  by clicking  Apply

29. The selected   Design Template 

should be the background for  ALL  Slides



30. Now to leave  Sorter View   and go to    Slide View

(Third  tiny Button in  bottom left corner) (One small square)

31. Using Up & Down Page buttons to Practice moving Up & Down.

32. Use Up & Down Page buttons to position the  First Slide in View.

33. Click  anywhere on      Learning Styles by Howard Gardner

34. A Text Box  should appear with  White Handle Bars ( small squares )

To move Box:  Click & Drag     on   GRAY   border of Box

                To re-size Box   use any  White Handle Bars.  (Corners Best!)

35. Click in front of    by  and hit Enter    Click behind   by  and hit Enter.

36. Learning Styles  &   by  &   Howard Gardner  are on a separate lines.

37. Resize  Text Box  using White Handle Bars  & Drag it to center.

38. Use  Up and Down  buttons on keyboard to go to the last slide.

39. Resize and Relocate the   Text Box  containing    The End.



40. Now to use  Slide View    to enter   Graphics  and/or  Clip Art.

41. Use Up and Down  buttons    and   position  Slide Two in view.

42. Click on  Insert   at top   then select   Picture   then click   Clip Art.

43. At Clip Art window appears,      Click on  Academics,     then

Click on  Blue A  to the right,

                now click on   first  item appearing in menu that appears.

44.  Close  Clip Art Window  by click   X   in top right corner.

45. Using   existing and visible Handle Bars (small white squares)

Resize  Clip Art   smaller  then  Click & Drag to bottom right.

46. Use  Up and Down  buttons on the keyboard to go to Second Slide

47. Repeat the procedure to   Insert  clip art   into the   Second Slide.

48. Continue inserting Clip Art on all of  slides except the First and Last.

49. Use the Up and Down buttons on the keyboard to review all insertions.



50. Now to leave  Slide View   and go to    Sorter View

51. At Sorter View,  click or select the   First Slide 

52. Click on   File  at top of the screen  then  select   Save As…

53. Change location of   Storage Folder to be your H drive  using   Drop Down Arrow.

54. Change   file name   to be maybe like   PP##    ## means your initials.

55. Click       Save     button    and    all should be Ok…

56. To view  PP…  Click  Fifth    and   last button at bottom left.

57. First Slide should appear…  Use  Up & Down buttons to move Slides.

58. It is important to use  Up and Down buttons instead of Mouse

since  Mouse will not allow a backward movement…

59. At the end of  PowerPoint Presentation,

 Press the   ESC  button to return to Sorter View…


60. I hope all went well and you are off to creating super PPs

and  especailly teaching  PPS with this quick and easy method…