# Definition and Examples for   21st Century  Web Enhanced Study Guides #


Definition and Background:   Electronic Web Enhanced Study Guides

Since the very beginning of teaching and learning, there has always been instructional

materials to enhance the acquisition of knowledge.  Outlines, articles, papers, summaries,

etc. have been used by students and teachers, to teach and learn.  These materials have

been written on rock tablets, wood tablets, parchment tablets, all sorts of paper tablets,

finally  electronic web enhanced study guides to carry students beyond the written page.

A fundamental definition for a  web enhanced study guide is any traditional study guide

that augments written information and/or definitions via  Internet and/or World Wide Web.

Part I: Principles of Fair Use          Copyright and Fair Use Laws apply.

   # # #  A selection of examples for Electronic Web Enhanced Study Guides.  # # #


University of Newcastle School of Medical Education


Fiddler on the Roof * U of Marshall * Department of Theatre


Study Guide to the Study of Philosophy by Garth Kemerling


Study Guide for Martin Luther King Web Site


Electronic Study Guides on Physics from The Pink Monkey


Study Guides for Writing Skills and Much More!


This Instructional Technology assignment and explanation page is an attempt to encourage

teachers to create and integrate  Electronic Web Enhanced Study Guides  into their classes.


Tom Love                                      Malone College                                          Spring 2005