Astronomy World Wide Web (WWW) Investigations for Science Workshop: Teachers, who

along with their students, are encourage to develop or locate engaging online activities!

Online Investigation Assignments are due on last day of assigned week.

Reflections on web sites are to be submitted via agreed upon Email account as attachments!

WWW Investigations of Elementary Astronomy web sites augment lecture & textbook content.

Comment on content of site along with information gained from linking off initial web page!

Unit Integration sites are provided for preview then detailed investigation for indepth reflection.

After previewing all sites, select, only 2 of 8 and any 2 of 8 to be summarized & submitted.

Summary of WWW Investigation: Create 1-2 page MS Word, (2) paragraphs of 6-8 sentences,

which describes significant content or external information, include site name with reflection.

Think of existing students when completing assignment. How will you supplement a lesson?

Save summary for safe backup! Maybe USB drive! Check Spelling, Grammar and Rubric!

Required Title for Assignment: Astronomy WWW Investigation Links * First & Last Name




Best Selection of Star Gazing Web Sites


Kids Astronomy for Novice & Expert


Amauter Astronomy for All to Enjoy


Best Astronomy for Kids


Our Nine Planets * Comprehensive Facts


Curious about Astronomy? Ask an Astronomer!


Solar System for Kids and much more


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